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Social Media

What exactly is social media?

Social media is reaching out to your potential customers through areas such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Interacting and engaging with web users through these mediums allows you to reach out to potential customers you otherwise would never know about.

The 3 mentioned social media platforms above are the most popular, but in fact, there are hundreds of various different social media platforms to look into, all with their own advantages.

How do you use social media?

Social media can be used in different ways, for different companies. 

Imagine you are a car dealership; posting images of various new models, concept cars and funny videos related to your area insights user engagement. This doesn’t always have an immediate impact, and certainly no immediate sales, however, your brand sticks with the user and enables you to become familiar with them.

This enables you to attract passers-by and can spark a thought process which can lead to sales and enquiries.

Social media does not work if you do not put in the time and interact with the users.

How does social media help search engine rankings?

Simply putting up a group on Facebook and linking to your website will not have any impact on your rankings.

The benefit comes from the ‘buzz’ you can create with your users.

Getting other users to post your content and links shows the search engine that you and your website have engaging content which is useful to users. This can then have a positive effect on rankings, showing search engines you are a useful resource for users.

Does social media work for every company or brand?

In most terms, social media can add something to a company or brand.

There are always cases when the benefit is outweighed by the cost, in which case we would advise you it wouldn’t be worth it. That said, it is only very few who would not reap the reward of engagement with potential users.