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The SEO Process

In order for your site to be highly ranked for your chosen keywords, you need to have an understanding of how the search engines work. Both major search engines use hundreds of ‘signals’ to determine ranking position, so you must know the most significant factors search engines use in ranking websites and how they “read” and “index” web pages.

It is important to remain focused on using Search Engine Marketing (SEM) as a marketing tool in your business to meet specific business objectives and goals.

Step 1: Understand your online market

  • Identify your target audience – location? demographics?
  • Set your website goals/ objectives – new business? support referrals? e-commerce? etc
  • Understand what persuades your audience – why are they looking for a site like yours? what is their objectives?
  • Research your competition – who are they?

Step 2: Start SEO process to raise website ranking

  • Ensure your site is search engine friendly
  • Research the keyword phrases your audience use
  • Create a target keyword list
  • Plan and implement necessary on-site changes and additions to web content
  • Identify off-site activities that will get you links
  • Plan social media strategy

Step 3: Track, Monitor, Adjust

  1. Track your keyword rankings
  2. Analyse your website’s visitor activity using web analytics
  3. Monthly reports detailing website performance and trends
  4. Provide recommendations for improvements
  5. Implement social media and content marketing plans

In today’s competitive online environment, Step 3 is likely to continue indefinitely as new content is added to the site and social network activity is actively encouraged.