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Top Benefits for Small Business Owners

We see:

  • Increased exposure (88%)
  • Increased traffic/subscribers (72%)
  •  Improved search ranking (62%)
  • New business partnerships (56%)
  • Generated qualified leads (51%)Reduced overall marketing expense (49%)
  • Improve sales (43%)

The Power Of Endurance

Time is a key success factor for social media success. The question is how much time?

• The marketers with 3 or more years of experience show the greatest results, with 80% seeing improved results, although around 1/4 of businesses see generated leads within 1 year!

• On a short scale, the consistent effort required each week is only 6 hours. You are twice as likely to see leads generated than those who spend 5 hours or fewer per week.

Tools Of The Trade

With a wide variety of social networks to choose from and an endless selection of tools/analytics, what are the generic tools that every marketer must have in their tool kit?

• Almost all marketers use four different networks: Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and blogs.

Video Marketing Increase

77% of all marketers plan to increase their use of video in 2022. Proving that video is one of the best ways to capture your audience’s attention with the hope of becoming viral.